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Would you try to scare your best friend to death, if you could?

Welcome to Scare My Best Friend to DEATH

We're Crystal and Kattie and we have been best friends for 25+ years and we are beyond excited that you found us. The number one question we've been asked is: How did you get here?

Well, that's a question that has a multi-layered answer (much like Shrek and his onion analogy). Crystal, who is a principal member of The House That Screams Podcast, is a lover of all things horror. Movies, music, books, paintings, etc. she loves it ALL. And Kattie, well....she doesn't. Kattie would rather watch rom-coms or historical period dramas than indulge in a horror movie or thriller.

Two girls smiling with Backstreet Boy shirts on.
Crystal and Kattie when they were just babies.

Being besties for 25+ years, we've learned over the years how to talk the other in to doing something they may not necessarily be completely onboard with... you're reading one of those situations.

How did this Happen?

Well, simply put, Crystal bugged Kattie incessantly and Kattie gave in. One night after covering The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) on The House That Screams Podcast, Crystal remembered that she had talked Kattie into watching it with her and could not for the life of her, remember how she had accomplished that. The good news was: Kattie couldn't remember how Crystal talked her into it either. (We call that a win, people.)

So, Crystal brainstormed about getting Kattie to watch horror movies and put that Psychology degree Kattie earned to work. Presented with the idea, Kattie enthusiastically agreed until she realized she would have to actually watch the films Crystal has chosen. A compromise was made and occasionally we cover films at Kattie's request.

Looking to the future

We are so happy that you've found us. Scare My Best Friend to DEATH is available on all podcast platforms and you can follow us on Instagram and here to see what's next. We'd love for you to spread the word of our podcast to all your friends, family, neighbors, and even your enemies.

If you've found us and are enjoying what you hear, please consider heading to our Buy Me A Coffee page and pledge a one-time donation to help us keep the show running or become a member of our Spoopy Crew for a monthly pledge to access BTS audio/footage, see pictures of us from years past, pick a movie for us to cover, etc.

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